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The Free online Twitter Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader app is a perfect web app that can be useful in downloading Twitter videos and GIFs without the need for installing any additional software or plugin. The online tool works across any device or platform. Since Twitter videos are embedded inside a Tweet, you simply need to copy the Tweet link and insert it in the space provided above.

The software analyses the link and extracts the video for you to download onto your device – whether on your computer, Android or iPhone. The Twitter video Downloader simply downloads your videos and helps you convert your videos onto MP4 or MP3 in high quality at a faster speed. It can be your one stop option for how to download Twitter videos.

How to use Twitter Video Downloader app to download Twitter videos HD?

Our Video Downloader for Twitter does not need you to indulge in a high-end tool. It works simply use the tool as a Twitter URL downloader. You will simply copy the Twitter URL and insert it into the address box in our software. Click on Convert and rest of the task is completed by the software to download Twitter to MP4.

Check the steps here to convert Twitter to MP4 –

Step 1 – Launch Twitter and open the tweet containing the video you want to download.

how to download twitter videos online free

Step 2 – You can do it by using any of the following steps –

Click on the tweet and get the URL from the address bar.

Click on the Three Dots and click on Copy link to Tweet if you are on Android.

Step 3 – Copy the tweet link

Step 4 – Paste the link in the space provided. Click on Convert option to begin downloading the Twitter video.

how to save twitter videos online step 2

Consume Your Twitter Videos from Anywhere Anytime

The ability to save your videos on laptop or smartphone makes the twitter downloader for video one of the best options for enjoying your Twitter videos from anywhere. A faster downloading makes it as quick as listening to a song.

Download Twitter to MP4 in Full HD 1080P

You can download Twitter videos in full HD at 1080p. Unlike other tools that come up with annoying ads and subscriptions for downloading Full HD videos, Twitter Video Downloader offer you free Full HD Twitter video download for free.

Free 320 Kbps Audio download

You can download Twitter videos in MP4 at the highest quality or convert your videos in MP3 at a quality as high as 320 kbps. High-quality audio conversion through Twitter video downloader further makes it a reliable service provider for most of your needs. Enjoy the best quality music whenever you want to.

Support for multiple Websites and formats | Twitter to MP4 & MP3

Twitter Video Downloader is not only limited to Twitter alone. It can also be used as a Facebook Video Downloader for downloading your favourite videos and extracting audio from your videos. The Twitter downloader online tool supports a huge range of tools such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, to name a few. Since it is a web-based tool, it can be used on any platform or device such as a smartphone, PC or an iOS device. It can also be a great option to convert Youtube to MP4 with ease. You can even check the options to convert Instagram to MP4.


Q:Where can I save Twitter videos with this Twitter video downloader?

A:As soon as you click on the Download option, you will be asked to specify the location to save the file. You can decide to opt for the default location to save the video or pick any other location to download your videos.

Q:How many Twitter videos can I download?

A:There is no limit to the number of videos that can be downloaded on the Twitter downloader for video. You can download as many videos as you would be comfortable and save Twitter videos as per your preferences. Of course, you will be able to download only one video at a time.

Q:Is it safe and legal to download Twitter videos?

A:In essence, Twitter or other platforms may restrict downloading the videos form their database. As long as you are using the videos for your personal consumption, it should not be a concern to download Twitter videos. In any case, it may be good idea to seek permission from the content creator before downloading the videos.

Q:Can you download the best video quality from Twitter?

A:The software supports video downloads of up to 1080p. If your video has 4K resolution, you can be assured of the 4K resolution on your downloaded video as well. As for the audio files, you can download them in as high as 320 kbps download quality.

Q:How to I convert Twitter to MP4?

A:Downloading Twitter video to MP4 is easy with the right type Twitter video downloader. Our video downloader provides you access to MP4 downloads in a resolution of your preference.

Q:What video format does Twitter use?

A:Twitter currently supports MOV and MP4 video formats. On the desktops, only MP4 videos with H264 format and AAC audio are supported. This makes it easy to download Twitter to MP4.


Unlikely other Twitter video downloader chrome extensions, 2Conv Twitter Video Downloader allows you to download multiple Twitter videos in a stable and fast speed, top choice as a web-based high quality Twitter video downloader with full HD video support.

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