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Download Facebook videos to MP4 and MP3 in a fast and high-quality manner

Free Facebook Video Downloader Online

When you feel the necessity to download a video from Facebook either to your laptop or your mobile phone for offline watching during journeys, flights or even conferences. 2Conv Facebook video downloader can guarantee you free online downloading service, enabling you to download Facebook videos in just 4 steps. This FB video downloader backed by 2Conv has been a tested pioneer in terms of the overall ability to analyzing, downloading as well as converting Facebook video to MP4 or MP3 in high quality and fast speed for years.

How to Use 2Conv Facebook Video Downloader HD

2Conv Facebook video downloader could work very well as a Facebook URL video downloader, which means just copying the URL of your desired Facebook video and paste into our address box, then a simple click on the button “Convert” would get you the high quality Facebook video in the video format or MP4 or audio format of MP3.

download facebook videos full HD 1080p

Enjoy Facebook Videos at Any Time, Any Corner of the World

With the ability to save Facebook videos either on your laptop or on your mobile phones, 2Conv Facebook video downloader application gives you the pleasure to enjoy video at any time, any corner of this world. As a fast Facebook video downloader, 2Conv Facebook video downloader could turn the conversion into a delightful process, in just a duration of a song, you would find your desired Facebook video saved in the local folder.

Multi Websites and Devices Supported

2Conv FB video downloader could not just download videos from Facebook, but more! With this multi-platform video downloader, you are able to save video from a wide range of popular websites, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion... and many other niche ones. Wherever you are, whatever you use, you could download Facebook videos without any hassle as long as you are with 2Conv Facebook video downloader.

1080p Ensured by 2Conv Fast FB Video Downloader

You might discover some online Facebook video downloader presenting distracting ads or let you to purchase or subscribe when you try to download a full HD 1080p Facebook video, but not 2Conv. 2Conv FB video downloader ensures high quality video downloading service for completely free. 2Conv free Facebook video downloader full HD allows you to download Facebook videos without losing quality into MP4, the most mainstream video format compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

320kbps Guaranteed by 2Conv Facebook to MP3 Converter

Not just video, we also focus on audio. Ensuring high quality conversion from Facebook video to MP3 is also our job. Thus, whenever you feel a need to convert Facebook to MP3, find us. 2Conv could guarantee the best stability and fast speed to convert Facebook to MP3 up to 320kbps quality. Just grab an earphone, hit the road, and immerse yourself into the pleasure brought by high quality music.


Q:1. How Many Facebook Video Could I Download at One Time?

A:Flexibility and versatile video downloading service is our best advantage compared to some other free Facebook video downloaders or some chrome extensions for Facebook video downloader. You can open as many windows to suit your needs, there is no limit.

Q:2. How Can I Convert Facebook to MP3 without Losing Quality?

A:As we mentioned in the above, the best audio quality you could get is 320kbps MP3 format. Normally, the audio quality depends on the original video, thus the higher the video quality, the better the audio quality.

Q:3. What's the Best Video Quality Downloaded by 2Conv FB Video Downloader?

A:2Conv Facebook video downloader could ensure 1080p full HD video downloading. Thus, if you are in need of downloading high-quality Facebook videos, come to 2Conv.

Q:4. Is It Legal To Download Facebook Videos?

A:As long as you are not using the downloaded Facebook videos for business purpose, you can use it for your personal enjoyment, but that does not include copyrighted videos. However, it always safer to get the permission from the content creator.

Q:5. Can I Use 2Conv FB Video Downloader on Mobile Phone?

A:Yes. You can use 2Conv FB video downloader on your mobile phone to download Facebook videos to MP4 or MP3 effortlessly.

Q:6. What are Other Websites Supported by 2Conv.ch

A:2Conv could also work as a YouTube to MP3 converter to download YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3, as well as other popular mainstream websites including dailymotion, Twitter...as you can name it. 

About 2conv.ch

Unlikely other Facebook video downloader chrome extensions, 2Conv Facebook Video Downloader enables you to download multiple Facebook videos in a stable and fast speed, top choice as a web-based high quality Facebook video downloader with full HD video support.

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